But he’s mine…

Oh my sweet Ayden! I just love you so much! You’re almost 8 and been a part of our lives since you were 4 years old! You’ve grown so much and you’re such a smart boy!

We adopted Ayden 10/4/2017 and it was the 3rd best day of our lives! After been in 8 different foster care homes since age 2, he would finally have a forever home and family!

On yesterday, I got an email from an unknown address. When I opened the email, it read,

“Hello, I hope this is still a good email. This is Ayden’s mother and I wanted to know how he was doing and if I could see him again.”

Needless to say, I was shocked. Because “I” was Ayden’s mother. Was “she” really reaching out to me 4 years later wanting to see him after not being an active part of his life since age 2! I was angry and then I became saddened.

I had to understand that although Ayden was ours, he was very much hers. I tried to place myself in her shoes and wondered how difficult it would be for me to have to make a decision for my children to be raised by another mother. It was unimaginable for me.

A part of me wanted not to respond, but she gave me a wonderful gift. Because of her, we have a son, because of her…we have experienced parenthood again. And we are greatful. We have always maintained that we would keep Ayden connected to his bio family…but I didn’t think it would be this hard…but he’s mine!! I have to understand that he was hers first…an unbreakable biological bond that can never be broken. I can never change that and would never try.

We will work it out on Ayden’s time and boundaries for her of course, but we very much want to nourish a relationship between them.


The Mom💋


Spaghetti Spaz Out!!

After a long day that literally started at 5:30 a.m. with getting children ready for school and daycare…I was exhausted and that’s putting it lightly. I got off work at 3 but my job was far from over. With one kid with a dentist appointment, another doing Driver’s Ed in-car, one having to go to football practice, and the baby, well he’s a handful without any extras!

As its nearing the 9 o’clock hour and we were still not home, cooking was not an option. So pizza it is. I called and ordered the pizza ahead of time so it would be there upon us arriving home. As I walk in the house, I’m greeted with mounds of laundry, unmade beds, unswept floors, and dishes still in the sink.

Why are the chores not done!! But you know what, I keep my composure because its late and I’m too tired to hear any excuses. As I’m standing in the kitchen and preparing the pizza to be served I smell a strange odor. So now I’m walking around the kitchen like a hound dog trying to sniff out this smell.

What do you know, I open the oven and not only am I hit with the worse smell ever, I’m also greeted with MOLD growing on a week old spaghetti!!!

Arrrrhhhhhh!! Are you kidding me! I haven’t cooked spaghetti in a week, why is it still in the house…I have so many questions! Needless to say, I spazzed out! Now I’m the coo-coo crazy mama! Just do the damn chores!

I guess not doing chores is a universal language that all kids speak in every culture 😫


The Mom (please help 😂)

Just Beachy!

Labor day! Does that mean the entire world gives thanks to the mother’s that labored for hours! NO? Oh, it means a day to honor all hard working Americans, got it! So what better way to celebrate our hard work all year than to take a nice vacation! I, the mom of the brood, decide to take a quick little labor day get-a-way to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina…and by the way, if you have never visited Myrtle Beach, you should do so…tons of things for the family to do and the beach, AMAZING!

So yeah, back to the rant. My husband had to work (I think he planned this as a way to stay home and sleep all weekend) and I decided to go at it alone. We packed up the vehicle and down the road I went for 3 hours, 3 HOURS!!! Listening to Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol, petty teenage conversation, you know the kind, “She said what?” “He did that?” “OMG, IDC, YW, LOL, TTYL, ILY!” Not to mention the sibling arguments that I had to constantly break up by threatening that they will sit in the room once we reach the beach…which we all know would have been a lie as I was dying to hurry up and get them out the car, into swim wear, on the beach, in the water, and out my hair!!

Once we arrived, it was like time stood still. I watched my babies get out the car and help one another carry bags and get along like I had always hoped they would! We played family games, ate pizza, stayed up and walked the beach late, watched sunrises, and sunsets, walked the strip, went to the amusement park, and hit the beach 3 times a day! Ah, finally, PEACE! This has to be what heaven feels like! I could have never imagined in a million years that God would have handpicked this bunch of kids specifically for me and my husband!

It was JUST BEACHY! When it was time to go, we said our goodbyes to Myrtle Beach and my children turned back into who I knew they were…we were barely in the car before I heard, “leave me alone, slide over, stop touching me…” and so it goes, 3 hours back and I needed WINE!


The Mom

The Journey Begins

Breathe! Now, put one foot in front of the other and know that the journey you are on right now is no accident! We are the Jones-Baldwin’s…and life is full of surprises and children, apparently! 2 parents, plus 2 teenage girls, 1 talkative 7 year old, and 1 rambunctious toddler! Oh joy! We are a foster family,  turned adoption family,  turned just plain family! We welcome you to follow our journey from infertility to parenthood… from 1 kid to 4, from broken hearts to mended hearts, and from empty rooms to rooms full of love, laughter, and life! We want to interact with you! Feel free to engage through encouragement, resources, and positive vibes! It takes a village!

XoXo ❤, The Jones-Baldwin’s